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Consulting and advocacy on behalf of children, and those that care for them.


I am so glad you are here! Himlin Consulting was created as a place for education and support for:

  • parents struggling with a child resisting contact 

  • therapists who want to learn how to testify in court ethically

  • family or dependency attorneys wanting support in handling high-conflict cases involving children

This is the place for education, resources, and support to help you through the situations you may be struggling with.

As a court-involved social worker and therapist with Dependency and Family Law cases, I have seen the benefit of a child-centered approach. In particular, the Family Court system needs to shift focus away from litigation and toward the children and their developmental, psychological, and emotional needs.  

For Parents 

Until now, you've spent your child's life loving them and ensuring they were nurtured and protected. After all these years, it just doesn't make sense that this is happening now. 

You are hurting because your child doesn't want to see you anymore or has slowly stopped being interested in doing anything with you. Whether you have younger children or teens, as a parent, this may be one of the most painful moments in your life.

I get it. I've sat with many parents and heard their stories of being unable to see their children for unexplainable reasons. It's not fair, and it can be very painful.  

Reconnecting with Your Child Parenting Class

This 8-hour 1:1 class, tailored to your schedule, will teach you parenting skills to help bridge the gap between you and your child. This parenting class is live, online and interactive. It offers advanced parenting tools to help rebuild a healthy relationship with your child.


My parenting class and philosophy applies to parent-child conflicts and to intact families who are finding their children slipping away. My goal is to help families navigate the challenges with their parent-child relationships and promote healthy attachments between parents and children.

For Therapists 

Do you feel scared at the thought of receiving a subpoena? Are you unsure exactly what to do when you get one? Do you know how to prepare for court or what happens when you are on the stand?

Court can be scary. I've been there too, and I still get a little nervous the night before I have to go to court. However, over the years, testifying has become one of my favorite areas to discuss! I've found a deeper purpose that goes beyond any fear I may feel, and I enjoy it now.

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Testifying with Confidence

These testifying webinars and classes are part of a unique program and resource for therapists who need to learn how to confidently and effectively prepare and testify in court. My comprehensive training will prepare you to successfully navigate the court system and testify with complete confidence and control. 


Testifying involves risks to your license as well as your therapeutic relationship with clients. Let's prepare you for when you receive a subpoena to testify in court. 

For Attorneys 

Are your parent clients becoming so upset you are having difficulty managing them? Do you wish there was a way to prevent or reduce litigation in your cases? It's hard when your clients are upset and being unreasonable. Did you know your clients are grieving the relationship splitting up and losing time with their children?

I completely understand what you are going through. I have worked with family law and dependency attorneys for years and believe it helps families when we all take a team approach to developing child-centered solutions.

maybe something like this more in a shape of a heart vs. tooth the the scales coming down

Supporting Child and Family Attorneys

Attorneys need support too! I offer training and consultation for attorneys working with children and parents undergoing custody disputes or dependency hearings. I help attorneys understand what their clients are going through, so they can decrease fighting and improve child-centered communication. I am available to instruct your team on how to better support their clients emotionally and in a child-centered way. 

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